Well, here’s a little secrete tribe....

Just had surgery yesterday. On my right foot. Well 2 surgeries. One, my bunion, lol, have pretty severe ones. Doesn’t hurt too much with the shoes I wear. But it does hurt if shoes are narrow, which for my feet…


My "Eastside Shawty"


Peace family!  Well, as some know I just got married 2 months ago.  I started writing this song while me and my wife we were dating.  We met down in atlanta.  Didn't know she was from my deck of the…


#KimKillinKovers J.Cole "Role Modelz"

Double dog dare you to one take it....whew!  One big slip up, couple minorones too.  Nonetheless, was s uper fun.  One of my favorite songs that I listen to on the regular.  Never tried to rap all the lyrics straight…


BTS: A Successful Stumble

Didn't know where I was going to go on the Life is Good Collab song.  Key point to all songwriters.... keep the flow going, sometmes jibberjabber, mumbles ,and hums turn into something beautiful.  


H.E.R/LG "Life is Good" collaboration! 


Howdy!  I Aaliyah and Timbaland'd you!  "Been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dopep beat you can step to"!  One of you, my most A1 Day1's, tagged me in…


Oh Why Visual

Definitely one of my favorite songs... hands down.  Love the bounce, the message, the production, how I produced it, .  In honor of Black History month, I shot this visual whith my bro Will (Wl.Daniels Photography).  Krystal J (Kgalactica) laced…

"Moolah" on a Monday

Check out this song I did and never released.  Still an anthem of mines.  Click on the pic to catch the vibez!  S/O Young Greatness for the inspiration.  Have a GREAT week.  Peace! 


Your music dealer,


Writing exercise #3

1 hr writing exercises.  Exercise #3.  I found this beat on YouTube last night.  Produced by N-Soul Beatz.  I dug the vibe on this one. Let me know if you digs.