"Moolah" on a Monday

Check out this song I did and never released.  Still an anthem of mines.  Click on the pic to catch the vibez!  S/O Young Greatness for the inspiration.  Have a GREAT week.  Peace! 


Your music dealer,


Writing exercise #3

1 hr writing exercises.  Exercise #3.  I found this beat on YouTube last night.  Produced by N-Soul Beatz.  I dug the vibe on this one. Let me know if you digs.


#KimKillinKovers: DVSN "Hallucinations" (fan request)

This one goes out to one of my instagram followers @CrazySexyCool71!  Closed my eyes and picked this one amongst of all the other request I received.  Hope you enjoy!  Wonder what I'll do next?  



Peace family!  A few days ago I dropped my Bodak Yellow Freeystyle/remake (whatchamacallit); well I did a visual as well for it.  Probably one of my shittier verses for my freestyle, lol, but I had fun.  Check it here, should…

Bodak Yellow 

So, taking a quick break from working on my new new :).  Heard the news bout Cardi B's song Kodak Yellow being the #1 song in the country. Truly and happy for her.  You know, against all odds, doesn't matter…


Well, Christmas is coming. Here's my wishlist!

Praying too, but figured God works thru people :).  Heres some things I need to help my music reach a bigger audience, to help me work more consistently, and most importantly to help me live and stay alive!  If you…