Therapy Session

Punchline, 29555 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield

This event will sell out! One of the hottest lineups you will see this year (in no particular order): Alise King, Ric Setxon, John Bell, Hugh Chambers, Joshua Adams, Afi, all under 1 roof!

*A select few will be able to sign list for open mic. Get there early

Put together by none other than host Dre, comedian Host B Ward, and singer songwriter Kim Joyce.

Come catch a vibe!

*Must purchase 2 items at venue (Any drink and/or any item on food menu)

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Cafe Melanin

Cafe Melanin, 11058 Gratiot Ave, Detroit

Every Monday, catch the hottest vibe in Detroit! Host Dre, comedian host B Ward, and singer songwriter Kim Joyce, together feature the realest and hottest poets, singers, expressionist in the city! Catch a vibe.