A former NCAA basketball player (Ohio State University)  turned professional musician, Kim Joyce is a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician based out of Metro Detroit.  Kim's uniqueness in style comes from fusing singing and "flowing" over a wide range of styles, from soul to hip hop, acoustic to alternative rock lead guitar solos.  Joyce not only has a unique style she also has a very unique and intriguing story.  "One of my most standout traits as an artist is being black, female, openly part of the LGBTQIA community, being a preachers kid, the lessons I learned playing the level of bball I did, I see all that as  a gift.  Helps me to communicate in my own language, sonically, lyrically, you can even see it and feel it emotionally with me."   Joyce has 4 mixtapes; "Different Sides of Sexy", "Tomboy Swag", and Kim Killin Kovers Vol 1.  She has three EPs; "Kimberly Joyce", "Unstoppable", Twenty Twenty Won", and a soft release for "Earth".  Kim is on course to release her fifth EP.  Joyce's viral hits include “Crowd Pleaser” (featured in MacGyver TV series) , "Timeless Moments" and "Aw Sh*t" (featured in web series Studville).