Peace family!  A few days ago I dropped my Bodak Yellow Freeystyle/remake (whatchamacallit); well I did a visual as well for it.  Probably one of my shittier verses for my freestyle, lol, but I had fun.  Check it here, should make u smile.  Peace, have a good one.




Bodak Yellow  Podcast

So, taking a quick break from working on my new new :).  Heard the news bout Cardi B's song Kodak Yellow being the #1 song in the country. Truly and happy for her.  You know, against all odds, doesn't matter what obstacles are placed in front of you; believe in yourself, be TRUE to yourself, and have a good mutha fuckin time!  I love you all.  Again, congrats Cardi.  Check it my remake here.  Peace and love yall :)



  1. Bodak Yellow

Well, Christmas is coming. Here's my wishlist! 

Praying too, but figured God works thru people :).  Heres some things I need to help my music reach a bigger audience, to help me work more consistently, and most importantly to help me live and stay alive!  If you can help, it'll mean the world!  I got big plans, and I got some ride or die ass fans and supporters.  I know I need a few extra things, who better to ask than those who want to see me succeed.


Check the list, I'll keep it updated.  Love you all!



New York kicked my ass, and I loved it 

Live from NY!  Paace family!  Been in NY for about a week.  Came up for my show at Pianos and my other show at #BuyNowFashioWeek.  Actually, that's a lie. I scheduled a trip on a humbug to make some shit shake, and last week Bizzy got me a show at Pianos and Gwen got me a show at Fashion Week.  :)  Since being here, I've sang in the subway station, on the train, outside of Roc-Nation, outside of Central Station, at Ground Zero on 9/11, along with so many more places. I've made $2 from singing, had someone buy me a Gatorade, been ignored, been kissed on the cheek, given tips and suggestions on where to go and what I could do better for next time, had an impromptu photo shoot taken by a stranger while I was singing (hope he tags me on IG when he post the pics).  I've been lost (TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY LOST), been to every borough but Queens (sorry Queens, next time), Went to my 1st Fashion Week show, went to the Rosie Perez Party (on her bday), smoked a lil too much weed, reunited with hennessy, ate about 5 dishes of singapore noodles, listened over and over to my dogs barking (im taking bout my feet barking from all the walkin i been doin), along with much more.  I've been down and felt like shit (especially when I was getting ignored by mostly everyone walking by), felt hi as fuck (especially when I got those $2 singing on the subway and when I get smiles and love from folk on the street from while singing).  All in all, I came, I saw, and I feel like I've conquered.  Til next time New York.  With Love,


                                (Pic from Starbucks next to Roc-Nation.  Just got done singing outside waiting on Jay to come out :-D)