Vlog #13 - The Most Bummerest bummin bummed out thing to ever bum… (Fast day 6) 

Today I finally was able to put up the desk my wife got me for Christmas.  I took down all my other desk, unscrewed them and put them… I don’t even know where, I think the garage.  So my music stuff is all over, not set up.  I haven’t really made any music in a while.  Hurt my feelings because I was soooo excited, now I have to wait like another week or 2 to get my room set up.  Not the sexiest vlog, but it’s honest.  Also I’m on day 6 of No smoking or drinking, so, there’s nothing to numb my feelings.  Anywhoo, keep yall posted.  Can’t wait to get this room set up!

Saved over $400 no effort 

I am an Econ major and as well, I come from a family with a tight walletted father.  So to say the least, I like numbers, i like saving money, I like things that make sense.  In the beginning of my obsessive investing journey, I ran across some cool investors, Gerald Peterson, Chris Johnson, Rob Smith (SITB) rip, definitely more… but with Chris, I became aware of ACORN.  I signed up, believed I used his code to sign up, and 100%, it has been great.  I am passively investing $5 a week, nothing big, barely notice $5 gone, also, any uneven transaction, the round up to the nearest dollar is invested and saved as well.   


Wealth gap getting bigger, disasters happen, not only in our own lives, but in the world every couple years (covid, 2017, 2007, 2000, etc.  Plently of opportunities to benefit from for those who are prepared.  If you don't already have an account, sign up before the new year.  Just click the Acorn below

HOME ORGANIZATION Organize Your Nightstand 

It be the little things right 😎.  As I'm gearing for what's next, beyond another  new year, i want  my mind and my space decluttered, I also want to be very intentional and detail oriented, organized.  Starting small.  Did one drawer and already feel like I need to sit back admire,  celebrate, take a picture… a nap😩.  Basically, i feel good already.  

s/o Merry Maids 🙏🏾❤️   Feel free to check out the article below ⬇️


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