Moms Day E-Cards 




Click the card to download the video.  You can send it off to someone as an email attachment or an attachment in a text message.


Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms!





Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr 

A few years ago I had the honor of doing a commercial for the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Ga, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  

Check out this vid below!  Still grateful for the opportunity and as the years go on I get more anymore inspired by Dr MLK and his contributions.  Hope you all enjoy this national holiday!

*New Beat 9-25-22 

Currently in ATL.  I released "Joy" yesterday on my website.   Was excited to release the new song, but I kept hearing guitar riff.  I couldn't get a guitar riff out my head. Here's a rough of the beat I made around it.  Its for sale until I come back around a write to it.  Gonna fix the 808's later, just want to get the vibes out.  Click on the pic I just took of myself to listen to the vibes.


Morning thoughts, day before my show... 

Peace... and good morning,  

I am sitting at my table, cooking my wife 2 vegan smart dogs, drinking coffee.  I have a show tomorrow, its an R&B sexy exotic show.  There will be a live band there.  Its always a great vibe. This is my 3rd time doing it.  I won’t be performing with the band, they reached out, but I was and have been to myself, still figuring out the songs I want to do.  I’ve been doing music a while now so I choose songs not just on what songs I got that are hot, but what will be what the night needs, matching that with where I am in life now, where we are as a people united in life, in this world, city, culture, etc.  Music, I realize, u don’t just like the music, you dig the person who is doing it, how they do it, how they express it.  From the clothes, to the smile, to how they say “y’all”.  I guess so all that affects me more how I feel at the time and how the more I am in one with how I am feeling, the more the music will be authentic and shine thru and really connect with people.  I got some older classics from my Eleven album I may do without the guitar, or may do some of my guitar joints since last time I performed at this show I performed only to tracks.  Was a dope set, will be dope tomorrow.  Anywhoo.  Soon much to come  

(Ignore typos, im just shaking and jivin, not much time to be perfect ❤️)


Music Blog "Joy" (Week 2) 

Last week share dthe Muni Long remake.  This past week my inspiration was "Joy".  Immediately had an idea to use the Joy and Pain" from Frankie Beverly and Maze, and from there song just wrote itself.  Also tied in Sly and the Family Stones, "If you Want Me to Stay".  Another s/o to my homie Knodat who passed, they had her viewing last week that I couldn't attend, so that day I started working on this song.  Hope you enjoy it.  Here is the private link below I plan on keeping up.  







(This is a behind the scenes link used for feedback, so even if I delete the song off my site for a bit, this link will be available to you right here.... Until I officially drop song :)