Music Blog "Joy" (Week 2) 

Last week share dthe Muni Long remake.  This past week my inspiration was "Joy".  Immediately had an idea to use the Joy and Pain" from Frankie Beverly and Maze, and from there song just wrote itself.  Also tied in Sly and the Family Stones, "If you Want Me to Stay".  Another s/o to my homie Knodat who passed, they had her viewing last week that I couldn't attend, so that day I started working on this song.  Hope you enjoy it.  Here is the private link below I plan on keeping up.  







(This is a behind the scenes link used for feedback, so even if I delete the song off my site for a bit, this link will be available to you right here.... Until I officially drop song :)

1/10/2022 New Music (Kim Joyce - "Hrs and Hrs" Muni Long cover/remix) 

Peace family.  So this weeks challenge was something New.  Last week my friend @'d me on IG about this song/challenge.  (s/o Dominique from Magnolia Dom's catering).  So, while recovering from possibly covid, who knows, didn't get a test, but im pretty sure I had the V-I-D cooties, I decided to join the Muni Long #HrsandHrs challenge/karaoke.  Just a lil something for the gram and the tikity tok.  I picked up my guitar, and immediately decided to go create another bassline.  I did a quick 60 second live version of me singing to this new baseline, and a ton of my supporters dug it.  You know me, I decided to do a remix, full song.  My challenge for the week anyways was "new", and not only was it a new song, something I've never done before was a complete remix/reproduction to a cover song.  So here it is, #HrsandHrs cover/remix written by Muni Long, produced and performed by me.  Hope y'all dig this one.


Happy New Year New Me (cleanse) 

Peace family.  Happy New Year New Me!  Keeping the tradition going another year.  Starting off this year with a cleanse.  The very first year of my cleanse I produced the song "January".  This song still goes hard.  It's my wife's alarm every morning.  



Hence the put your J's up, no smoking :), no drinking or sugar either.  I like to start the year off getting as focus and healthy as possible.  There are 5 8 day cycles.  I am not taking any supplements mentioned, just vitamins.  Here is a link to the fast:  



I will be rocking my Kim Joyce New Years New Me shirt all month long.  Already got it dirty and it needs a wash, its the 1st day, smh.  If you would like to cop the shirt, for this month only I AM GIVING A 20% DISCOUNT ALL MONTH LONG, Just type in "NYNM" during checkout.  CLICK THE SHIRT to order!

I wish you all wellness, peace, and clarity.  Possibilities are endless.





Submissive (instrumental) - produced by Kim Joyce 

Last week I opened up about being in the hospital.  Also shared that I produced a beat while in there.  I wrote a song, will release that soon.  For now, here is the beat.  I called it Providence beat #1 at first, but song will be called "Submissive".  Hope you dig


How'd I do with this Alessa Cara "Here" cover? 

Woke up wondering what song I wanted to take on.  I love this song, always hits home.  Hadn't given my piano much love lately, so gave the cover a go on the keys. Check it out and let me know what you think!  Make sure you follow me on tie Tok, always put short covers on there in addition to extra content.  Leave a comment on what you want to hear next!


Kim Joyce "Buss It" (Remix) - Free download for email list members 

Remixed Buss it for fun.  Would've done the dance challenge, but currently with my surgery, I can't twerk how i want to.  Check the song.  And of course, since you are part of my email list, you get a copy for free.  Sending love.  Catch ya soon


PS. song has explicit lyrics.  Click cover and play :)


Bouncing down Buss it


Life after Death t-shirt from Stellknott clothing.  Still rocking 6 years later










What the hell Noma got me watching?

Better Made

No idea why i took this, but found out later that day it was Tony Robbins Bday same day.  Cool