Submissive (instrumental) - produced by Kim Joyce 

Last week I opened up about being in the hospital.  Also shared that I produced a beat while in there.  I wrote a song, will release that soon.  For now, here is the beat.  I called it Providence beat #1 at first, but song will be called "Submissive".  Hope you dig


How'd I do with this Alessa Cara "Here" cover? 

Woke up wondering what song I wanted to take on.  I love this song, always hits home.  Hadn't given my piano much love lately, so gave the cover a go on the keys. Check it out and let me know what you think!  Make sure you follow me on tie Tok, always put short covers on there in addition to extra content.  Leave a comment on what you want to hear next!


Kim Joyce "Buss It" (Remix) - Free download for email list members 

Remixed Buss it for fun.  Would've done the dance challenge, but currently with my surgery, I can't twerk how i want to.  Check the song.  And of course, since you are part of my email list, you get a copy for free.  Sending love.  Catch ya soon


PS. song has explicit lyrics.  Click cover and play :)


Bouncing down Buss it


Life after Death t-shirt from Stellknott clothing.  Still rocking 6 years later










What the hell Noma got me watching?

Better Made

No idea why i took this, but found out later that day it was Tony Robbins Bday same day.  Cool

Well, here’s a little secrete tribe.... 

Just had surgery yesterday. On my right foot. Well 2 surgeries. One, my bunion, lol, have pretty severe ones. Doesn’t hurt too much with the shoes I wear. But it does hurt if shoes are narrow, which for my feet, a regular shoe is narrow to me. So got that corrected, looking out for elder Kimmy, so I wouldn’t have to have it later. So while my body still heals well, try and knock it out. Also had a surgery on my ankle. Old bball injury from rolling my ankle so much. Ankle was very weak.  I roll it all the time, ligaments torn, etc... (I think if u play college sports you should get medical treatment for life, especially on injuries that occurred while playing. Just a recent thought). Anywhoo, now I’m in a cast, from toes to just below my knee. During this time off, I plan to heal, focus on my body, my mind, spirit, family, my music, growth. 

Keep you posted on my progress. Keep you posted on all the music too! I’ll be outta work for about two months. Sometimes my job stresses me, but honestly, I love it and I’ll miss it... I’ve missed you guys and music. I’ve been overextended, balancing what it takes working, being a mortgage banker, health, and balancing being the artist I want and the artist the artist that makes me happy. Nonetheless, I am fucking ecstatic about what I got up my sleeve. Ain’t release much but been cooking... 

Funny how my most “embarrassing flaw” may save me. Buys me time. Helps me heal. Helps me realign. 

Keep an eye out for new ish. Til next time... 


Sending love 


My "Eastside Shawty" 


Peace family!  Well, as some know I just got married 2 months ago.  I started writing this song while me and my wife we were dating.  We met down in atlanta.  Didn't know she was from my deck of the woods.  She from the Eastside.  Her birthday was was today.  Justwanted to share a new song, say happy bday to my wife, and show the world how beautiful she is.


Just a snippet of the song.  I wrote, produced, mixed.  Keep everyone posted when the song is out.  Speaking of out, have you listened to my song "Out" yet?  Check it after you check this out!