From the recording Earth

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Written and produced by Kim Joyce
Mastered by Earle Holder


Oh Why
First came a boat pulled up on the coast
Welcomed them with open arms tied me down in rope
Oh why, I say oh why
Now Im sitting on a wave sitting here in chains
They, they say they want me slave they took my last name
I so oh why, I say oh why
They got me working in a fields working for a meal
Sun up to sun down thinking imma run now
$1240 was the price that I was sold for
I didn’t know the price of my life was so low
Say oh why
Why (repeat)
Im sittin on a bus somewhere near the front
White person enters so the driver says get up
Oh why, hey I say oh why
Now, now me I think that’s wrong I know I belong
So I protest and sing some songs they release the dogs
I say Oh why, I say oh why
Now all we ever been was peaceful but they keep killing our leaders
To keep from getting madder I went out and joined the panthers
We stated making progress to Atlanta to Detroit
Until they put crack in the hood turned us to fiends and d-boys
Say Oh why
Oh, Why (repeat)
To 2017 and I’m watching BET
All the rappers talkin bitches, ain’t nobody talking queens now
They sell they soul to entertain and me I feelin quite ashamed
They on the stage with all them chain, they on the stage with all them chains
I’m like how the hell you use the bathroom with all them chains on
400 years later and you still rocking all of them chains on
We need better representation on our stations
Like who the hell is in charge of all of our stations… Caucasians (mmm, I get it)
Oh, Why (repeat)x2