From the recording Earth

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Written by Kim Joyce
Produced by Majorhitz
Mastered by Earle Holder


Gove State

Look Baby
You are so beautiful, Oh,my, God
You should know I see you
Know just who you are
Chemistry between us
We can go far
Away from all our problems
Nobody can bother us
Take a trip to venus, intimacy ‘tween us
We don’t need no condoms
It’s a different kinda party between us
I want more than just your body and I mean it, hope you read this
Your so one of a kind
And your all mines
Signed sincerely yours
A young God from the glove state
I take you on a summer date
In the middle of the winter
Smokin something down the interstate
Screaming out the window “Fuck the system”
Grasping the moment so tight I got blisters
Imma sucker for a pretty smile romance and adventure
I know what your into, I pay attention to you baby
My intentions are to save you
Even though we both know that you can only save yours
I sat this letter next to where your tea sits
A couple affirmations I left them in the PS
Planting seeds inside of you minus a penis
Help you fertilize your mind, watch you birth your inner genius
A true definish of what a G is
O D’in off your sweetness
If you want me you can find me inside your creases
Or right there where your crease is
Right there in middle either there or your mental
My love it goes so deep its past your skin its in your tissues and your cells
So many parts of you I what to tend to
And the choice is simple
See imma always ride for you
And let these cats ride out to Major’s instrumental