From the recording

I do not own rights to this song
I wrote a verse and added some drums my guy!


Aye yo this love that I got
its border line insanity
if this fruit don't uition
its gonna be a tragedy
All things considered, things are moving rapidly
especially time, im already's behind
but I ain't bout to talk about the things I can't get back
Im only focused on my futures like Nas and daq
I'm only focused on my core like abs and soul
A black hippy imma mix of rap and folk
Pop and rock
Trap and soul
combine Grunnge and punk
Call it alternative roll
My shit Detroit le-JIT
I know my flow go go
assume this blues is funk
Im that black is gold
They say my name Kim Joyce
I go by title of of goat
Imma let that last line soak
You can call by "OG" for short
a little dyslexic of course
But oh well
Book the hotel
And bring a couple baddies down to they toe nails
Holiday style im talking no male
Only show girls who show and and won’t tell.